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Each and every sale we rack our brains to find ways to make our sale better for everyone involved; our consignors, our shoppers, and our great volunteers! Look for details on these and more new features throughout our website! And thanks to all of you who give us suggestions to make our sale great! We are indebted!


Consignor Fee has gone to $10

Pickup times have changed....pickup will be 2pm to 7pm

All items to be DONATED must be HIGHLIGHTED on the right edge. If you plan to DONATE your items, you MUST highlight the very (RIGHT) edge of your tags. We won't sort these items, they will be pulled very first to be donated at the end of the sale! Please make sure you HIGHLIGHT (any color)!  ALL consignors who do not pick up and have not highlighted, will have $20.00 deducted from their checks. This makes a HUGE difference in the sorting shift on the last day

  • 25% off on Friday!
  • NO LIMITS!!!! So bring your current, cleanest, in style items!
  • Sorting starts at 1pm!
  • Please write the expiration date on your carseat tag in the decription area! Most expire 5 years after mfg dated except Britax so make sure and check your dates!
  • Tags for shoes need to be in the bag and your consignor written with a sharpie on the outside of the bag!
  • Don't forget on your large items to use a piece of masking tape to put your consignor # in an additional place on the item. 
  • You asked for it and IT'S BACK!! Consignor 1/2 price shopping will be at 9am on 1/2 price day (you will get a 1/2 price pass at drop off)
  • Volunteer 1/2 price shopping has moved to Saturday 1/2 price morning at 8am (one hour before we open to consignors and two hours before we open to the public)
  • Vendor Booth cost is now $75 per sale-when space allows

24 hour Volunteer 

New this sale we are going to have a limited number of spots for 24-hr volunteers.  These volunteers will work a total of 24 volunteer hours (4 of which are sorting) and they will shop the Thursday before pre-sale Saturday from 5:30pm to 9pm.