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Mandatory Sorting is:

Fall 2018 Sunday Sept 9th

Spring 2019 Sunday April 14th 

1pm until completed

 We are always amazed and blessed by the men and women who serve so faithfully at each sale; they are not soon forgotten. Please understand that these guidelines have been created in an effort to maintain a high quality sale and a spirit of fairness to all who give sacrificially of their time. Please be on time and ready to work when your shift begins. if you want to browse, please come early. If you plan on dropping off your items the day you work, please plan to do this after your shift is completed. 

Classic Volunteer Slots:

Classic volunteer slots are scheduled just before, during and after the sale. These slots require time at the sale’s location. Click on “Register” at any point to register for a slot.  Classic Volunteers get to shop on 
 Fall 2018---Friday Aug  31st from 5:30-9pm 

Spring 2019--Friday April 5th from 5:30-9pm 

Sorting Only Volunteer Slots:

Sorting only Volunteers work sorting day only and get to shop on

Fall 2018---Friday Aug 31st from 7-9pm

Spring 2019--Friday April 5th from 7:00-9pm 

Volunteer 1/2 price shopping:

Volunteers who wish to shop 1/2 price will be allowed in Saturday morning Sept 8th at 8am for Fall 2018 (Spring 2019 Saturday April 13th) .  One hour before we open to consignors and two hours before we open to the public.