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It's That Simple!
  • Be sure your consignor number is printed correctly at the bottom of your tags!
  • If you have a garment with a size range, please use the smallest numerical size, for example 12-18m should be sized “12m” on your tag.
  • DO NOT use S, M, or L as these designations are used differently from one brand to the next! Please choose the numerical size which corresponds.
  • If an item fits weird, a 2T fits exactly like all your other 18m items for example, label item “fits like 18m” and place it with the other 18m items.
  • Price in whole dollar increments. If items are worth less than $1 (onesies, socks, books, etc.), group like items of same size together so that they can be priced at a $1 minimum.
  • In the body of your index card, write a description of the items including brand, color, and number of pieces if the item has MORE than 1 piece. We suggest you use the description space to “sell” your item. Be sure to point out if it’s a name-brand label, if it’s new with original sales tags attached or other important information such as the current retail price if it is a big-ticket item. Specific, clear descriptions help us match tags back to items if they fall off!
  • PLEASE be sure your items are marked with a PRICE!!! Customers typically pass over unmarked items, rather than ask, and they will remain unsold at sale end. (If we find a tagged item without a price on the tag, we will choose a fair but slightly low price to ensure that the item will sell for you.)
  • For sets, please write “set of 2? or “set of 3? with descriptions on the tag, make sure you securely attach all items together.

Each sale we team up with a local charities to bless those in our community.  

Please consider donating your few unsold items which do not sell! It is a great blessing to hundreds of needy families in our community. Please consider donating! See “Donating Unsold Items” for more information on who gets donated items.  


All items to be DONATED must be HIGHLIGHTED on the top corner. If you plan to DONATE your items, you MUST highlight the very (RIGHT) edge of your tags. We won't sort these items, they will be pulled very first to be donated at the end of the sale! Please make sure you HIGHLIGHT (any color)!  ALL consignors who do not pick up and have not highlighted, will have $20.00 deducted from their checks. This makes a HUGE difference in the sorting shift on the last day

Sample Tag

We will hold 1/2 price sale on the final day of the event.

  • If you do NOT wish your items to be discounted, please be sure you place a red X above the price on the tag. No other marking will guarantee your item not getting discounted.