• Be sure your consignor number is printed correctly at the Bottom left of your tags!

  • If you have a garment with a size range, please use the smallest numerical size, for example 12-18m should be sized “12m” on your tag.
  • DO NOT use S, M, or L(unless teen clothing) as these designations are used differently from one brand to the next! Please choose the numerical size which corresponds.
  • If an item fits weird, a 2T fits exactly like all your other 18m items for example, label item “fits like 18m” and place it with the other 18m items.
  • Price in whole dollar increments. If items are worth less than $1 (onesies, socks, books, etc.), group like items of same size together so that they can be priced at a $1 minimum.
  • In the body of your index card, write a description of the items including brand, color, and number of pieces if the item has MORE than 1 piece. We suggest you use the description space to “sell” your item. Be sure to point out if it’s a name-brand label, if it’s new with original sales tags attached or other important information such as the current retail price if it is a big-ticket item. Specific, clear descriptions help us match tags back to items if they fall off!
  • PLEASE be sure your items are marked with a PRICE!!! Customers typically pass over unmarked items, rather than ask, and they will remain unsold at sale end. (If we find a tagged item without a price on the tag, we will choose a fair but slightly low price to ensure that the item will sell for you.)
  • For sets, please write “set of 2" or “set of 3" with descriptions on the tag and make sure you securely attach all items together.
  • ​Please write the expiration date on your car seat tag in the description area! Most expire 5 years after manufacturing date, except Britax, so make sure and check your dates!
  • Tags for shoes need to be in your bag and your consignor number written with a sharpie on the outside of the bag!
  • Don't forget on your large items to use a piece of masking tape to put your consignor number in an additional place on the item.     

​How to Prepare Your Merchandise

Jack & Jill only accepts quality, clean, and current items! See “Items Accepted” for additional information. Make sure you have scrutinized each item as though YOU were going to buy it. Check for stains, holes, missing parts, etc. These are unacceptable.


     Attaching Tags
Consignor Earnings

Tips for Preparing Items

  • A fresh laundering and ironing will help sell your clothing items
  • Please thoroughly clean baby equipment, including washing fabric covers to car seats and strollers to make sure your items sell
  • Please be sure that all snaps and buttons are all accounted for
  • When hanging clothing  make sure that as you face your item the hanger will look like a question mark “?”
  • When hanging pants, be sure you PIN the pants to the hanger shoulders (unless you are using pant hangers), not the straight bottom edge, to keep them from sliding around and to display them best. Pin through the pocket area, catching the backside of the pants as well
  • Undergarments (including “Onesie” undershirts) are the ONLY clothing items that are to be in clear Ziploc bags! If an undergarment is in a Ziploc, please attach the price tag to the outside of the Ziploc. Also write your consignor number on the bag.
  • If you group multiple items, seal in a Ziploc with clear packing tape, attach tag to bag and list all items under tag description. Tape Ziploc shut with clear packing tape
  • Hang all Snuglis, Bjorn Carriers, Slings, and Head Supports on hangers and safety pin to hanger so they cannot fall off
  • Toys get played with!  We cannot be responsible if your toy parts get separated. If there are multiple pieces being sold together, secure well!
  • Be sure to wrap wooden puzzles in plastic first before taping or tape ruins the front of the puzzle! 2 gallon Ziplocs fit puzzles well and help prevent damage from tape
  • Attaching a printout of your large toy items from the internet with the retail price shown can help sell your item
  • Consider providing manuals and/or internet reviews for high-dollar items, especially if they have unique features. Secure them to items in a Ziploc bag.
  • Toys and baby equipment MUST have batteries as needed to ensure that they are in good condition. Make sure to mark"works" on the tag to insure that others know that the item was checked properly.We cannot offer returns, so shoppers are apprehensive of items that may not work. 
  • Puzzles, games and all multi-pieced items MUST be complete. Assemble them or count items to verify a complete set before sealing the package, then mark “all pieces included” on tags and seal to prevent loss.
  • Check books for missing or torn pages. If you group multiple titles, seal in a Ziploc with clear packing tape, attach tag to bag and list all titles under tag description.
  • Packing tape is ideal for many toy items
  • ​Cribs, swings and pack 'n plays MUST be assembled by you!
  • On large multiple piece items (for example a crib and changing table set, or a car seat with two bases) write "1 of 2" and "2 of 2" with descriptions on each piece, but ONLY put the price on item #1. DO NOT put a price on both tags - ONLY the tag marked "1 of 2"!

Regarding Sets

  • Be sure both items of a set are the same size, otherwise please sell separately!
  • Pin sets securely together with pants hung on the backside of the shirt pinned at the waist to the top of the hanger. Both pieces can be viewed fully without unpinning or raising the shirt, with the pants facing the opposite direction of the shirt and sets will not become separated when on the same hanger.
  • If you choose to hang pieces of a matching outfit on separate hangers (for example delicate fabric that may be damaged by pins), secure the hangers together with a cable tie through the triangle, not around the neck where it will slip off.  Make certain pants will stay on the hanger.
  • See directions for pricing multiple piece items in the Pricing section to follow.​



     Accepted Items


     Drop Off
Pick Up

Tagging Supplies Needed

  • 3x5 blank index cards
  • Child sized hangers for clothing up to size 4. Adult hangers are fine for sizes 5 and up. Old Navy  throws away hangers daily. Ask for them there or purchase them at Wal-Mart or your local dry cleaners
  • Safety pins 
  • Ziploc bags (assorted sizes) for  toys, socks, etc.
  • Clear packing tape for attaching tags to Ziplocs and plastic toys
  • Blue painters tape for attaching tags to books and game/puzzle boxes. Unlike regular masking tape, blue painters tape prevents tearing of surface of items
  • ​Zip ties for shoes
  • Please do not price items less than $1


     Pricing Your Items
Printing Your Tags

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