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     Attaching Tags
Preparing Your Items
Consignor Earnings

Drop off times


​Friday, March 24 11am - 6pm

Saturday, March 25- 11am - 6pm

Monday, March 27- 11am - 6pm

Tuesday, March 28- 11am- 4pm

Pick Up



     Accepted Items

What to do in advance to prepare for a pleasant, efficient Drop Off experience:

  • Be certain that items have been properly hung and tagged.
  • Be certain that tags and pieces are secured.
  • Be certain that tag information is accurate and complete.

For Efficient Drop Off:

  • Group all clothing items by gender and size. 
  • Pre-sort like items into boxes or grocery bags, for example one for hats, one for books, etc.
  • Pack a supply kit with blank tags, pens, packing tape, cable ties, and safety pins, just in case you arrive and find a tag has wiggled loose!

Drop Off procedure:

When you arrive you will:

  • Park car and unload all items. We suggest wheeling your clothing items in on a stroller, cart, or wagon.
  • Assemble pack ‘n plays, and swings.
  • Once your items are in the proper spots and assembled, please don't forget to fill out your paperwork and get your passes for the presale.
  • There will still be volunteer slots available (see check-in personnel), should you decide that you just have to get back early once you see all the goodies!​