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​​Bartering spots are VERY LIMITED so contact us ASAP to see if we have an open slot 

Non-Traditional Volunteer Opportunities

Have a unique service to offer or a product we might need?  Often non-traditional venues bless us more than you can imagine! Below please find a list of our special needs.

Cooperative Advertising

If you have a website or publication and allow Jack & Jill to place a banner ad on your site or print ad in your publication, we will allow you to place an ad on our site or will exchange for volunteer hours.

Sorting at end of the sale

If you can organize a group of teenage students who might need community service hours to come and sort unsold clothing items, then you will earn hours toward volunteer pre-sale privileges. We are always happy to sign any volunteer paperwork for the service hours completed at our event.

TV/Radio coverage

Arrange for news coverage with someone who reports at one of the major news or radio stations and get Jack & Jill interviewed.

Magazine/Newspaper coverage

Arrange for news coverage with an area or regional magazine or newspaper and get editorial coverage for our event.

Gift Certificates

Provide us with a $25 gift certificate (with purchase receipt) to Wal-Mart, Office Max, Staples or Target and work sorting and you will be able to shop at 7pm at volunteer pre sale.

Want to get in at 6:00 at volunteer pre sale? Here's some options:

  • 8 cases of water and $25 gift card
  • $50 gift card or family oriented gift basket (items in basket must be approved and valued at $50)

If you are interested in volunteering in any of these ways, please email Tracy for more information!


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